5 Secrets to Toilet Training Cats!

5 Secrets to Toilet Training Cats!

When people first buy a cat or kitten, what is one of the first things on the list to purchase?  A litter box!  The importance of toilet training cats avoids all that scooping and scraping of cats litter all around! People know that in general having a litter box, no matter how clean you try to keep it, is not as healthy or hygienic as the toilet method.  Your cat gets in, does its business, and then walks all over your home among various surfaces spreading bacteria which has been in its litter.

5 Secrets to Toilet Training Cats!

The secret to toilet training cats is virtually simple and easy to do.  In 5 simple steps, you can have your cat from being completely dependent on the litter box to using the toilet!  Here are the steps you should take:

1. Move your cat’s litter box so it is right in front of the toilet, and keep it there for one to two days.

2. After this, gradually begin to raise the litter box up by placing a phonebook underneath it.  Do this daily until your cat’s litter box is right and level with the toilet.  To advance toilet training cats, each time you do the previous, take approximately one scoop of litter from the litter box.

Note: you may need to fasten the litter box down so it does not shift when your cat jumps into it.

3. Once the litter box is level with the toilet seat, move it to where it is on top of the seat and fasten it down.  Keep the box there and remove litter daily until there is a thin layer, about ¼ of an inch high, of kitty litter.  Repeat this for two to four days.

4. When there is only a thin layer of litter left, tape a bowl or aluminium type pan to the edge of the toilet blow itself, and then place the seat down on top so the cat has an edge to grip onto.  Do not forget to place the remaining kitty litter into the bowl so the cat knows where to go to the bathroom.  Repeat this step anywhere from four to seven days.

Note: be sure to use flushable litter for this step

5. Last, remove the taped bowl from the toilet and allow the cat to urinate and defecate into the toilet itself!

Note: This may take a few tries; do not be afraid to go back a step if your cat is confused.  Remember you have to watch your cat, it may not be sure and then relieve itself elsewhere in the house.

If you follow these steps and are persistent as well as patient, you will have a no issue in toilet training cats!