Pet health for Cats!

Pet health for Cats!

Oh no! It is that time of year again, winter time, when fleas start flowing into your homes and getting stuck on your pets. Yes, it is the Flea Season!

Pet health for Cats!

How to Conquer Fleas:

  1. Buy an Anti-Flea spray and follow the instructions very carefully!
  2. Keep your cat clean by grooming it ever so often to allow you to look out for ticks and other potential diseases – for the sake of pet health!

How to Remove Fleas safely:

Equipment Needed:

–         Sharp Tweezers

–         Disinfectant

–         Some alcohol in a small bowl

–         A pair of gloves


–         Wear the gloves and get ready to get down to business!

–         Make sure your cat is in a comfortable position so that she/he does not struggle away from you

–         Use the tweezers to squeeze the flea as close as possible to your cat’s skin, where the head is and pull. Avoid twisting and turning the tweezers as it causes toxins to spread more thus a larger scab would form around the area where your cat was bitten.

–         Place the flea into the alcohol bowl to suffocate it – thus killing it.

–         Now use the disinfectant to clean off the area where your cat was bitten to avoid further infection

And you’re done! BUT do NOT forget to wash your hands clean! Just because it is pet health, does not mean you can forget human health!

Fleas may not only be the insects biting your cats! At times it may be mosquitoes, or just ordinary garden mites/bugs. However, some bites or stings will cause discomfort in your cat’s pet health. To avoid further discomfort in your cat, follow this method:

  1. Pull out any stingers left inside your cat using tweezers (most likely it will by around their paw area but not always).
  2. Take out some ice from the fridge and wrap it around with a towel to cool compress on your cat. This will relieve the pain and swelling thus allowing your cat to be in a far more comfortable position.
  3. In order to increase the healing process, use Aloe Vera. Yes! Aloe Vera has the same effect on cats as it does on humans. The substance in Aloe Vera gel allows for the quick healing of wounds, bites and stings! Thus your cat will be back to its bouncy-normal self soon enough!

Pet health care is very important especially when you have the duty to be a good and caring owner. If it is in a situation of emergency, please immediately bring your cat to the vet!