4 Reasons why My Cat Hates You!

4 Reasons why My Cat Hates You!

Cats are very picky when it comes to choosing friends and family. This article on why my cat hates you simply covers the main issue of cat behaviour and their attitude towards certain situations or people.

4 Reasons why My Cat Hates You!

4 Reasons why My Cat Hates You

1. Your scent is new, different and not pleasurable to my cat. Cats are very particular about whom they mix around with and if someone smells of a different and unfamiliar scent, this sparks danger of cross-rivalry and even danger to the cat’s territory. Cats often rub themselves against people in a form of marking their territory; you could look at it as ‘claiming you as their own’. If a cat smells another cat’s scent of which it does not know of, the cat is likely to be unfriendly and even hiss at you in a manner to mark its territory, even if it’s another human being whom they have already claimed to be their own!

2. My cat hates you. It may be as simple as that! You might have done something that had scared the cat previously or it saw you do something it was not particularly fond of and just does not like you. You could however try and overturn that issue by bringing it food and trying to create a better relationship with the cat by playing with it (although it probably won’t let you do so initially), or even buying toys for it to play with.

3. You’re a stranger in this house and my cat is very territorial. Even if you do not have any scent of another cat or animal, cat’s can sometimes be as territorial as dogs. What is theirs is theirs and they do not like being challenged with this fact they believe to be true.

4. My cat may just not like socializing with humans. Maybe not even myself! That may the reason why my cat hates you. Some cats, just like humans, are born naturally unfriendly and aggressive. This could also be due to their background, if it was abusive in the past.

4 Reasons why My Cat Hates You gives simple reasons as to why cats may act the way they do through their behaviour and attitude.