Simple Kitten Health care!

Simple Kitten Health care!

So you’ve finally purchased that cute little furry kitten from the pet store. It’s been on your mind for ages and now you finally have the most adorable kitten ever and even better, it’s all yours! But how do you care for kitten health?

Simple Kitten Health care!

You will have to consider several issues such as;

#1. Kitten Feeding!

There is the need to always know a quick emergency milk recipe in case of any complications. So here we go!

  • 3 ounces of condensed milk
  • 3 ounces of water
  • 3 large egg yolks
  • 4 ounces of full-fat yoghurt

Mix all of the ingredients well and keep it refrigerated. Before bottle feeding the kitten, take out the milk formula and mix it with some boiling water, enough to make the milk formula warm for the kitten. It is crucial for kitten health to have some vitamins in the drinking milk so if possible, add some human baby vitamins (in liquid form only or else make sure that the granules are all smashed up to powder form and will mix with no leftover residue, this is important because residues make choke a kitten!).

It is also important that you feed the kitten quite regularly. If it between 1-3 weeks old, feed it 1oz of milk 9 times a day. And if it is from 3-5 weeks old, feed it 3.5oz of milk 6 times a day. This will give you a brief requirement on kitten consumption.

#2. Vaccinations for kitten health

It is very VERY important that a kitten gets vaccines as soon as possible to avoid further problems and diseases in the future. Vaccines at a young age can even help prevent diseases when the kitten becomes an adult cat! Hence I cannot stress enough how important vaccinations are.

Vaccines that should be taken:

  • Rabies vaccine – has to be at least 12 weeks old, please ask the vet when the kitten has to get another vaccine after the first one.
  • Panleukopenia vaccine – the kitten has to be at least 8 weeks old, please ask the vet when the kitten’s next vaccine will be.
  • Calici Virus vaccine – kitten has to be at least 8 weeks old, please ask the vet when the kitten has to get its next vaccine.

These here are the core important points any kitten owner has to be aware about regarding kitten health!