How to deal with Cat health

How to deal with Cat health!

In comparison to the rest of the mammal domestic pets out there, cats are by far one of the most independent ones. For example, if you went on holiday to Paris for a week (society’s dream place to elope to!), a dog would require direct input for care whereas a cat would most likely wander out of your house in search of some food!

How to deal with Cat health

How to deal with Cat health

Regardless of their independence, cats do need their fair bit of attention to an aided healthy lifestyle – the cat health.

1. Comfort

You have to ensure that your cat is comfortable, whether it be a new cat or even an old cat. Cats, like human beings, can get bored of the same surroundings over and over again! That’s probably why we have to buy them so many toys because they just get tired of their old ones! By making sure the cat is comfortable and used to its surroundings, it allows the cat to be more relaxed and friendlier! Make sure that your cat can access water, food and its litter tray but more importantly, give your cat time to settle in.

 2.  Playtime!

Owning scratching poles and mouse toys may not look aesthetically pleasing during a tea party with the neighbors however; playtime is very crucial part of cat health. It keeps your cat healthy and fit as (believe it or not!) playtime accounts for exercise. Not only does this help in the healthy lifestyle of your cat, but it also creates a bond between you and your cat which in turn is a positive outcome in many ways.

3. Food and Dieting

To provide a balanced diet for your cat, feed it premium quality dry cat foodNever feed a cat other animal feed as the requirements of cats would be different to those of another species! A cats normal diet should be by eating twice a day however if your cat starts to gain unnecessary weight (fat not muscle!), you will need to be more careful over the amount of food she/he is consuming! Avoid milk as cats, like all other animals (naturally), are not in need of milk nutrients and they may even be lactose intolerant which would cause further cat health problems in the future.

4. Vaccination to avoid diseases!

There are 3 main diseases your cat can get vaccines for.

a)     Cat flu

b)    Feline leukemia

c)     Feline enteritis

To be aware of which vaccinations are needed by your cat, get advice from your local vet along with how many times your cat needs boosters. In addition to that, send your cat for cat health checkups at least once every 3-6months.

Thus summing it up, these 4 important points should guide you to a better knowledge on cat health.