Truth about Cats Health

Truth about Cats Health

Cats health is the most important area of care in the whole time span of owning a cat. A responsible owner should keep track of several issues concerning the cat throughout the period of owning the cat and potentially background on the cat’s family to help in further assistance in the future.

Truth about Cats Health

Some of the things owners should keep for their cats health records of are:

– How long have you owned the cat for

– How old the cat is

– Any illnesses or diseases the cat has gone through

– The types and numbers of vaccination the cats have had (although it will be recorded with the vet your cat is assigned to, it is safer to keep a track of this as unexpected circumstances such as moving to a different state, may arise)

Vets and Vaccinations:

These records should help the vet be aware of the cat’s health history in case of any need to perform any immediate procedures. However it cannot be stressed enough that getting the proper vaccinations in regards to cats health, is very important. Many cats have been saved just by having the appropriate vaccinations which prevented fatal diseases such as feline leukaemia, rabies and ringworm. The best way to do so is to check with the local vet, in regards to the cats vaccine history, which vaccines will be appropriate and how many of them are needed (whether it be several shots in a long term basis or a lifelong immunity shot).

What NOT to do

Cats are very vulnerable creatures to catching colds, just like humans are! But NEVER use human medication such as aspirin to a cat as the dosage and substance within such human medication is highly unsuitable for animal consumption.

Exercise and the Outdoors!

It is very highly recommended to let your cat exercise out in the garden or in the greenery for a cats health. Many cats like chewing on green grass due to the taste and nutrients within them however this can put the cats in harm especially since many forms of insecticide sprays are being used these days, the potential likeliness of your cat chewing on something that has been sprayed on is very high. This may result in tummy upsets, diarrhoea in your cat. Also, some plants may be poisonous so please make sure that your cat consumes a very small amount of greenery unless you know for certain that it is organic without the potential harm of toxins. There are methods to discourage your cat from chewing greenery such as spraying the greenery with lemon juice. Due to the sour taste, cats will avoid chewing on them without doubt!

These are just the simple yet important points to bear in mind when thinking about cats health!