Truth about Cats Behavior!

Truth about Cats Behavior!

Cats cannot be treated like dogs. They have a higher pride in them as beings and are not willing to undergo suppression from any other creature. Cats do not follow the hierarchy of man then animal but more of a respected relationship whereby you respect them, and they will respect you. These are the fundamental principles for cats behavior!

Cats distinguish humans from cats and do not merge these two parties together. This can be seen through cats behavior of communication and body language of cats to cats and cats to humans. Although this is different, cats may respect humans more as they can be referred to as a ‘surrogate’ of a cats actual birth mother.

Truth about Cats Behavior!

How to control a cat:

#1. Never hit a cat or use any form of physical punishment!

This only teaches the cat to fear you. As mentioned earlier, cats are different than dogs and hold many things into account for a very long period of time. They are very self-conscious creatures and must be given the respect they desire in order for them to trust another.

An alternative to hitting can be pushing the cats face away. This shows that a specific cats behavior is disliked hence discourages the cat to further persist on this behavior.

#2. Control cats behavior by making methods impossible!

Put food away in a tight container and in a cupboard to avoid your cat munching its way into the food you want to keep it away from!

Keep fragile and breakable objects out of reach or out of bounds of the cat. For example, in a room your cat is not allowed to enter.

This helps avoid possible attempts of natural cats behavior impossible to your favour!

This here is a summary about cats behavior and how to control it. Cats are sophisticated creatures with a high level of personality and sensitivity thus an owner has to be aware of their cats behavior in order to understand and create a stronger bond between both human and cat!