Cat Weight Loss

Cat Weight Loss

Why it happens and what to do

It can be very worrying when all of a sudden your normally healthy cat that eats on a regular basis, suddenly experienced a huge cat weight loss. But what exactly is cat weight loss and what causes it?

Cat Weight Loss

Causes of cat weight loss

1)    Stress

Your cat may be under a huge amount of stress which then affects its regular eating pattern. This could be due to a change in the surroundings (even a change in furniture or settings!) or even a new face in the family or house (It does not have to be human but also any other animal, maybe even a goldfish!).

2)    Hookworms

There are several other cat symptoms that can be seen if hookworms are the cause of your cat’s weight loss such as diarrhoea, anaemia and tiredness. There may also be white spots on your cat’s stool which identify worms in your cat’s body

3)    Cancer and tumours

If cancer is the cause to cat weight loss, there will be other symptoms such as lumps on your cat’s body that did not use to be there. You will also have to take into account your cat’s medical history as well as its age.

4)    Dental problems such as stomatitis

Your cat may be hungry however it hurts to eat.

5)    Poor quality food

Your cat may be picky when it comes to food thus will refuse to eat poor quality food or even so, there may just be an insufficient amount of food.

What to do with cat weight loss

If it is due to stress, try making your cats resting place more comfortable. Buy a new scratch pole for him or her; buy a new sleeping mat and new toys. Make sure she is comfortable by having access to food and water at all times.

If your cat’s weight loss is due to poor quality food, choose a different cat food brand! And balance out dry and canned food in other for the best cat diet!

If your cat weight loss is due to the other issues, bring your cat to the vet immediately!

However, if you are unsure on what the reason is for your cat weight loss, consult the veterinary by ringing them up or even bringing your cat there if the problem still persists for over 3-4 days.