Cat throwing up

Cat throwing up – Help and Advice!

When you see your cat throwing up there is nothing else but waves of concern as to why this is happening and more importantly your cat in danger? There are several possibilities as to why a cat is throwing up ranging from ones that are normal to others that require veterinarian procedures. It is important for one to know what to do when seeing their cat throwing up!

Cat throwing up

Simple causes for a cat throwing up

Hairballs. Cats groom themselves regularly thus resulting in the consumption of their own fur! It is completely natural.

Grass. This is chewed by cats to allow for a fibre diet hence easing the digestive process and the movement of substances through the intestines. Grass chewing is natural and should not be stopped unless the plant your cat is chewing may contain pesticides.

In both of these situations, it is expected that your cat throwing up will be very often with a clear liquid and froth being spat out. However, if the vomiting does not stop within 24hours, it is advised for you to bring your cat to the nearest veterinary.

Complicated causes for a cat throwing up

  • Parasites within the cat’s intestines, stomach or other organs.
  • An inflamed bowel – often a viral infection.
  • Indigestion or food poisoning – e.g. if your cat ate rodent bait or some grass or plant containing pesticide
  • Liver disease which may lead to liver failure
  • Kidney disease which may lead to kidney failure

In these situations, your cat will vomit regularly for over 2 days spitting out substances that are not clear (mostly yellow in color). Symptoms of tiredness and a loss in appetite may be clear signs that there is a very strong underlying factor that needs to be tended to. If there is blood in the vomit, you have to immediately take it to the vet in case there are any internal injuries from your cat throwing up. 

How to care for a cat throwing up

Confine your cat to one room in order to allow for you to take care of your cat. Make sure that your cat is comfortable and has access to dry cat food and water. This will help a cat throwing up less or at least be comfortable in between periods of the cat throwing up.