cat spraying

Cat spraying?! – Why they do it! And how to stop it!

Cat spraying is perfectly normal cat behaviour. In fact, it is expected of normal cats to spray! As repulsive as it may be, cat spraying is a way in which cats commute with other cats. When cat spraying, the urine sprayed reveals the age, gender, health status and ranking of the cat to another cat. This could be taken as a form of a ‘personal call card’! This form of cat spraying is less confrontational for cats and is the easier way to socialize, regardless of human awkwardness!

cat spraying

Although cat spraying is normal, there are some issues within this area:

1)    Indoor cat spraying

Indoor cat spraying is not what we want our cats doing. Decorating your just polished clean furniture, curtains and walls. Definitely not something a cat owner would want to return home to. Although this is a natural way for cats to commute, cat spraying may also be referred to as a threat from the outdoors hence in a way, your cat is marking its territory and the territory is indoors.

How to clean: Use a warm dilute washing powder to remove the stains as well as diluting the urine hence making it less harmful to you. Spray with a disinfectant or alcohol after cleaning in order to kill any remaining bacteria from cat spraying. Dry thoroughly.

2)    Medical Causes

Cat spraying make cats more prone to Urinal Tract Diseases. There are treatments for this life threatening medical problem. The symptoms of Urinal Tract Disease may look like cat spraying but is different so please do not confuse yourself with your normal cat spraying and when the urine comes out unwillingly. Visit your vet for the treatment of this.

How to stop Cat Spraying:

1)    Cover objects with aluminium foil – the reflection is not what cats want to see!

2)    Place dry cat food in areas where cats are more common to spray thus distracting them from their original plan!

Cat spraying is natural within the feline species and should not be punished for however please follow the above steps to avoid any complications.