How to treat Cat Seizures!

How to treat Cat Seizures!

There are many causes of cat seizures. These range from not dangerous cat seizures to very dangerous cat seizures. Below here will provide the possibilities that led to the cat seizures as well as what to do when you are encountered with one!

How to treat Cat Seizures!

How to treat Cat Seizures!

What causes cat seizures?

Feline seizure disorders, also known as cat seizures, are caused by primary epilepsy and secondary epilepsy. Primary epilepsy is the not so dangerous cat seizure which is associated with a primary brain disorder in contrast to secondary epilepsy which suggests an underlying disorder which may be cancer, an inflammatory disease or trauma.

Fortunately, most seizures are caused by primary epilepsy (the not so dangerous one!) and rarely secondary epilepsy.

 What happens in a cat seizure?

  1. Loss of consciousness
  2. Muscles throughout the body contract
  3. Involuntary actions occur
  4. Behaviour changes including amnesia and nausea

 What to do when you encounter cat seizures?

  1. Keep away from the cat’s mouth because due to involuntary muscular movement, the cat may bite. Do not put anything in its mouth either
  2. Place the cat (by pulling its legs) away from any furniture or walls in order to prevent it from hurting itself. During cat seizures, you have to be aware of your own safety first.
  3. When the seizure has stopped, call the local veterinarian for further assistance on what to do. If this is the first time your cat has fallen in a seizure, bring it to the vet immediately.
  4. If the seizure does not stop after 10 minutes or so, or if the cat falls into relapse and has another seizure right after the first one, bring it to the vet immediately (call them regarding the issue and see if people can come help you transport the cat)
  5. Once your cat is fully out of the seizure, it may be frightened so just remain calm and support it all the way because cats are very sensitive and self-conscious animals that need to be well cared for.

 What happens after cat seizures?

Do not worry too much about the cat feeling pain as during cat seizures, cats do not feel any pain but only bewilderment. Cats do not have the probability to swallow their tongues unlike humans experiencing seizures. Give your cat time to calm down from its cat seizures before trying to pet it.