Cat not eating

Cat not eating problems?

Your cat used to eat a substantial amount and all of a sudden you’re forced to face a sudden change, your cat not eating! You’re beating up yourself wondering is it the food? Does it taste bad? Should I buy a new brand of cat food or possibly even check out my cooking skills and make my own cat food? What do I do about my cat not eating?!

It’s simple and this article is here to make your life less stressful.

your cat not eating

1. How crucial is the problem?

Cat not eating problems can either be a minor issue or a major issue.

It can be a minor issue as a healthier and fitter cat can skip 2-3 meals a day as it is already healthy and its body no longer requires as much nutrition as it did before.

On the other hand, a major issue would that the cat has an underlying problem that could cause serious harm to the cat in the future. This could be potential cat diseases such as cancer, tumour or other viral infections.

2. The minor issues as to why your cat stopped eating?

Stress may be a key issue as to why a cat stops eating. This is the same concept that applies to humans under stress having a loss of appetite. Stress may be caused by a change in the environment (e.g. moving), a new face in the house (e.g. someone just moved in? Or even a baby!) Or even the simple things such as rearranging the furniture! Cats are sensitive creatures that rely on what they know and that’s what they like sticking to.

Another reason as to why your cat is not eating could be because he or she has found better food elsewhere! This can be seen quite often in outdoor cats as they have the freedom to roam around the neighbourhood in search of whatever they feel like. Although this is allowed for the cat (and good exercise!) it can be dangerous as you will be unaware of what types of food your cat is consuming which may potentially be dangerous to your cat. For example, rodent bait that contains pesticides may be accessible to your cat and is definitely something you want your cat not eating!

The major issue as to why your cat has stopped eating

The major issue which has to be seriously considered is due to illnesses. If your cat persists on not eating, you will have to see a veterinarian as soon as possible to find out the cause of your cat not eating.