How to identify a Cat Health Symptom!

Cat Health Symptom

How to identify a Cat Health Symptom!

How to identify a Cat Health Symptom!

What is a cat health symptom, and what does one expect to look for when browsing a jumble of search engines?  It could mean anything from a simple list of what to look for as in symptoms with possible causes of them attached and explained, to the proper diagnosis of a disease from a certified veterinarian.

When attempting to become aware of the issue your cat is facing, there are several symptoms you should look for in order to judge the severity of the situation.  A cat health symptom may include:

o   Excessive salivating: This might possibly be a sign the feline has a sickness that could prove to be the cause of poison or a viral infection like pneumonia.  Although this could be the case, there is a chance an object may be lodged within the cat’s mouth.  If this is the case, remove the object and the salivating will cease to normal production.

o   Runny noses and sneezing: The sneezing is a very often cat health symptom and may be a sign, along with the runny nose, that the cat has pneumonia.  Watch him/her for a while, perhaps the sneezing and nose is due to a dirty and dusty area within the home.

o   Bad breath:  The bad breath could be due to a lack of a proper diet, or something more severe.  If it is not due to the cat’s diet, contact your veterinarian, as bad breath could be a urinary infection, decaying of the teeth, or round worms.

o   Increase of appetite and loss of weight: This could be a sign that your cat is infected with a parasite.  Seek immediate veterinary help.

o   Constipation: If your cat is not physically active enough, or does not have a balanced diet, this could be why.  Cut out dehydrated foods for a while, this could solve the problem, or try a feline laxative.  In the end if this still is not working, the constipation could be due to hairballs, or a tumor.

o   Vomiting:  If your feline is vomiting it may not mean he/she is sick.  If the liquid is yellow, it could be the result of typhus.  This could lead to kidney or liver infections within the cat.  See a veterinarian immediately.

These are only some, not all, of cat health symptoms that an owner should be aware of.  If a cat health symptom with your feline persists, be sure to seek medical care for your animal.