Cat Health Questions and Answers!

Cat Health Questions and Answers!

Here below are 3 very common cat health questions and answers:

Cat Health Questions and Answers!

1. Why is my cat experiencing hair loss?

This may be due to several reasons ranging from stress to even further potentially dangerous underlying factors such as tumours and cancer. To identify how severe the situation is, one has to take in factors such as age and medical history. Grooming may also be a cause for cat hair loss and should be taken into consideration. Stress may be caused by a change in the cat’s normal surroundings or a new face in the family or house, whether it is human or animal (even another cat!)

2. Why is my cat hiding?

There are many reasons as to why a cat hides. One may be because someone or something made it feel insecure about itself such as if a person laughed at a cat who was experiencing cat hair loss, the cat may feel insecure and embarrassed thus goes into hiding. Another reason for cat hiding is if it new to an environment and is not familiar with it yet. Time is needed for the cat to adjust and come out. Allow space and time for the cat to be alone and wander around to familiarize itself with its surroundings. Do not force the cat to come out of hiding as this will create a bad bond between you and the cat.

3.  Why is my cat experiencing weight loss

There are several reasons for weight loss. Weight loss ranges from minor issues to those that are more major and will need veterinarian advice. A cat experiencing weight loss may be a cat that is under stress although it could also mean that the cat has medical issues such as parasites inside its body. If a cat does not gain weight after a week in attempting to fatten it up (give your cat its favourite food! Fish, fish and more fish!), it is highly advisable for you to bring your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

 These common cat health questions and answers are very easy methods to help you in aiding your cat when in need.