Cat Health Problems

Cat Health Problems – simplified!

Warnings for cat health problems must be understood by owners in case of emergencies! In this article, I will cover cat health problems, symptoms and treatment.

Cat Health Problems

Cat Health Problems

1.    Excess saliva – this form of cat health problems may be due to viral infections like pneumonia. However, excess saliva may mean that something is stuck in the cat’s mouth and is not being swallowed. Check for this before jumping to conclusions that your cat has cat health problems!

2.    Runny nose – this is most likely due to a cold however there may be other underlying diseases that are mostly due to viral infections such as pneumonia.

3.    Eyes are cloudy or opaque – this can be seen as major in cat health problems. Although it is normal for eye discharge to happen, it is not normal for the eyes to turn opaque. This will be seen as a major cornea problem and must be consulted to the veterinarian immediately!

4.    Vomiting – It is not unnatural for cats to vomit as it may be a sign of eating too much too quickly or just a slight tummy upset which is not fatal in cat health problems. However, if the vomit contains a yellow substance, it may be typhus. This could be a suggestion to kidney infections, liver infections or even intoxication of the body. The best thing to do is to consult your local veterinary immediately and describe what you had found.

5.    Diarrhoea – Real diarrhoea is in a liquid form which may contain small chunks of faeces. This could suggest nutritional imbalance, or even so excitement. If traces of blood are found in the diarrhoea, this could be due to far more fatal underlying cat health problems such as a tumour or it may also suggest the presence of parasites inside the cat.

6.    Fever – The cat is shivering, is lethargic, moody and probably its glands are swelling up. To ensure that this is fever, you may take a rectal temperature of the cat which then will identify the exact body temperature of the cat. From this, if the temperature is above 39°C, this is definitely a temperature and must be referred to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Fevers, if not dealt with, can lead to further cat health problems.