Most important Cat Ailments!

All about Cat Hairballs!

It is normal for cats to cough up cat hairballs because the need for cats to groom themselves is necessary. However, the longer the cat’s fur is, the more difficult cat hairballs become.

 Problems with cat hairballs

  1. It cannot be digested as cat hair is not food designed to be digested in the cats body
  2. Cat hairballs can cause discomfort to the cat’s throat
  3. It may get stuck in the intestines causing issues and blockage
  4. Cat hairballs may be the cause of constipation

 How to avoid access cat hairballs

  1. Groom your cat regularly using special brushes that can be bought at your local pet store
  2. Use a de-shedding tool which helps remove underlying dead coat hair. This can also be bought at your local pet store, if not; your vet should have some too.
  3. Cat hairballs formula to put in your cats food will help in the easing of hairballs through the intestines. These can come in gel forms or granules which need to be broken up and placed together with your cat’s food.

Other issues that cat hairballs may present

  1. If the cat hairball coughed up has a very smelly odour, this could mean two things; your cat just ate something very smelly! Or, there is a viral infection inside your cat’s body which needs to be tended to. From this, you can check for other symptoms in your cat, its fur if it is normal and well-maintained, if its eyes are not cloudy; its nose is still wet, etc. If you are unsure of why there is stench in the cat hairball, call your local vet and consult them, if it is needed, go to the local vet.
  2. A mess in the house! It is unpleasant to stumble across cat hairballs during a tea party with your neighbours in your house! You can train your cat to cough up its hairballs in the litter box or a separate place. To train your cat, you will have to be patient but never beat your cat as it will only make the cat afraid of you.

The above is just a short and concise summary of cat hairballs, how natural they are and yet can be dangerous.