Microsoft opens 2 Data Centers in South Africa and establishes itself as the leader of the African cloud

It’s a big day for Microsoft. the firm of Redmond has announced its intention to open its first two data centers in Africa. A milestone for the business activity in the cloud. Thanks to this investment, Microsoft is taking the lead over its main competitors Google and Amazon and is emerging as the cloud leader in Africa.

The two data centers African Microsoft will open in 2018 . They will both be located in South Africa, in the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town. The deployment of data centers in Africa will significantly reduce the latency for African users when using Microsoft cloud services like Azure, Office 365 or Dynamics 365. The distance that data must travel is greatly reduced, and the experience is therefore greatly accelerated.

Microsoft: Two Data Centers in South Africa to Save Time for African Customers

Until now, users in South Africa had to send their data to South-East Asia or Europe . These two Data Centers should save valuable time. On the other hand, for users based in North Africa, data centers located in Europe will stay closer. For now, it is unclear whether Microsoft plans to deploy data centers in North Africa.

For some years now, Microsoft is gradually turning into a cloud company. His latest financial results show that the firm is on the right track. The US giant already has many data centers in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia. Africa was the last region in which it had not deployed . Today’s announcement is a great step forward for the Redmond firm.

By deploying Data Centers in all regions of the globe, Microsoft is also ensuring the ability to adapt to all data governance laws, as digital data is subject to the laws of the region in which it is stored . The firm can therefore adopt a specific approach for its customers based on the region in which they are based.

Microsoft: Redmond Firm Takes Advance on Amazon and Google

The main competitors of Microsoft in the cloud industry , Amazon Web Services and Google, have not yet announced their final plans to open data centers in Africa. For now, IBM is the only major cloud provider to open a data center in Africa. The firm opened its infrastructure in Johannesburg last year. With its two data centers, Microsoft is now the leader in the cloud industry in Africa.

In total, Microsoft’s cloud now covers 40 regions around the world. It’s more than any other cloud service provider. The Redmond firm intends to help companies and individuals from Cape Town to Cairo to accelerate their transition to cloud computing. This investment represents a major turning point in Microsoft’s mission to enable all businesses around the world to be more productive, and is part of the firm’s effort to create a global cloud .